Wine aerator Wine Swirl® offers wine lovers the most effective way to enhance wine

Enjoy your wine fully! Try Wine Swirl and you'll be amazed at how this new tool improves wine's aromas and taste.

Wine Swirl maximizes wine's exposure to air through a unique, sustained aeration method. Unlike pouring through a wine aerating funnel or decanting, Wine Swirl exposes more of wine's surface area to air through its gentle aerating vortex. The Wine Swirl aerator:

  • Enhances wine: improves nose, taste, smoothness and finish
  • Enriches all varieties of red wine—less expensive wine benefits as much as more costly wine
  • Conveniently aerates a bottle…or a single glass
  • Adds fun to your wine drinking experience—and it's simple!

Significantly enhance your wine drinking pleasure with the most effective wine aerator available.


Wine Swirl wine aerator is the best, most effective aeration device on the market.

The results are phenomenal.

- Roger Rutan, Wine columnist and reviewer

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