Aerate with the best wine accessory

Simple, effective, fun! Wine Swirl®'s patented method allows full and rapid aeration—improving all red wine, regardless of price.

It's easy. Pour your wine into the Wine Swirl carafe and place the aerating bar in the center. Place the carafe on your Wine Swirl base, and turn on the unit. The aerating bar begins to spin, creating a gentle vortex that’s fun to watch! After aeration, remove the aerating bar with the bar remover and enjoy your wine!

This process is a fast and effective way to give wine maximum exposure to air. The results are phenomenal. I have tested Wine Swirl on many occasions, and it has never failed to amaze me how it dramatically improves a wine’s aromas and flavors…

- Wine Swirl user

  • Swirl a single glass or entire bottle
  • Aerate wine to your preferred taste
  • Use with red or white wine
  • Clean easily

Wine Swirl promotes the chemical interaction of wine and oxygen through the most effective aeration method.

Maximize your enjoyment with this essential wine accessory that really works!

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